the crooks

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MFA - American Conservatory Theater  (San Francisco) 

BFA - University of Utah


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MFA - American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco)

BA - Emory University (Georgia)




Question: Why are you doing this?

Answer:  We founded The Crook because we wanted to make theater that is GOOD, not theater that is BAD.  That sounds simple and obvious, but it is our guiding principle. 

Question: What is good theater?

Answer: That depends!  Something exciting, fresh and different; not boring, stale, and cliche.  Something with honest conversation, not presentational posturing.  Something sexy, not shy.

Question: But I've been burned before, why should I trust you to show me something GOOOOOOOD?!

Answer: The Crook founders started as actors and have been in many shows before, both good and bad, so our sensors are attuned.  We received our MFAs in acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. We put our hearts into our productions, and are hands-on probably to an annoying degree in order to make sure that what you see will PLEASE YOU or CHALLENGE YOU or PROVOKE YOU.  But you don't have to take our word for it!  We have been producing plays since 2009 and our most recent production, a radical adaptation of Macbeth, won the 2012 NYIT award for Best Production.